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APNEAMAN is a company providing comprehensive services in the area of breath-in diving – freediving. Beside the internet shop www.apneamanshop.cz, we opened in Prague a specialized shop with equipment for freedivers. In 2006 the brand APNEAMAN – Martin Zajac started manufacturing first training buoys and backpacks for long fins as well as for monofin.  In 2011, the first common and very successful Nose Clip Apnea Academy was, in cooperation with Václav Hofmann, released for commercial sale.

Top world class freedivers are involved in development and testing of all of our products which are made to the last detail. High quality craftsmanship, high quality materials and development methods (freedivers to freedivers) ensure not only nice design and long durability, but also high performance, value and safety of our products. We are delighted to say that popularity of our product continues to grow which can be seen in increasing number of our dealers all around the world.

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